Las Vegas Irrigation Specializes in the following irrigation services.

  • Sprinkler System Installation
  • Sprinkler Head Replacement
  • Sprinkler Head Repair
  • MP Rotator Installation
  • MP Rotator Replacement
  • Low Pressure Diagnosis
  • Main Line Repair
  • PVC Pipe Repair/Replacement
  • Drip System Installation
  • Timer/Controller Installation
  • Backflow Preventer Installation
  • Hose Bib/Spigot Installation
  • Seasonal Inspections
  • Timer/Controller Wire Repairs
  • Fix Broken Pipes
  • PVC Pipe Repair/Replacement
  • Landscape Lighting Installation
  • LED Landscape Lighting Upgrades
  • Landscape Lighting Repair
  • Subsurface Systems
  • Timer Replacement
  • Backflow Preventer Replacement
  • Hose Bib/Spigot Replacement
  • Sprinkler Head Adjustment
  • Timer/Controller Wire Installation
  • System Additions
  • Main Line Installation
Having a plan will save you money!

At Las Vegas Irrigation Repair, we know how important it is for our customers to save money. That is why we developed irrigation maintenance contracts that will save you hundreds of dollars in costly repairs.

Maintenance contracts ensure that irrigation systems are checked periodically to ensure they are working efficiently, providing the proper coverage. We will also check to make sure there aren’t any leaks and/or broken parts of your sprinkler system such as heads, sprinkler lines, etc.

Fill out our online quote form and our office will contact you to update you on our maintenance contracts. Trust us to make sure your irrigation system not only works but saves you money on monthly water bills and future sprinkler system issues.

Sign up for the plan that works for you!

Frequency of Maintenance Contracts:

Monthly (12 visits per year)
Every Other Month (6 visits per year)
Quarterly (4 visits per year)
Semi Annual (2 visits per year)
Annual Backflow Device Inspection (1 visit per year)

Type Of Irrigation Service Contracts:

Homeowners Associations (HOA’s)
Annual Backflow Device Inspections

Irrigation Maintenance Contracts

We provide new irrigation systems for commercial and residential properties. Installing a sprinkler system to any property adds value and helps with curb appeal since it will help to keep your grass green and your landscaping plush.

We use commercial grade components in our sprinkler installations. Each new system comes with an automatic timer, a rain sensor and a combination of rotor heads or spray heads carefully placed to accommodate the layout of your property.

Once your installation is complete we will take you through and show what it does and how to operate it. We will also explain that a properly maintained sprinkler system will cost you far less in the long run then a neglected one which is why we offer a variety of irrigation service plans . Ask your installer about the type of sprinkler maintenance contract that is right for you.

So, are you ready to install a new irrigation system for your commercial or residential property? Fill out our online quote form and our office will contact you. You can trust us to make sure your irrigation system not only works but saves you money on monthly water bills and future sprinkler system issues.

Irrigation Installation

Our properties are not always going to remain the same. Over the years we will decide to add pools, put additions on our homes and install new landscaping. All of these actions require your irrigation system to be renovated to accommodate the changes.

If you are going to have any type of construction activity on your property please call us to analyze your current sprinkler system to determine where we can cap off pipes and re-route the system before expensive damages are caused by heavy equipment and uninformed construction staff. It’s much less expensive to be pro-active in your pre-construction decisions then it is to search for cracked pipes and split wires after the construction has already been completed. Imagine the horror of some of our clients that have found their sprinkler valve boxes had been buried or even filled with concrete. Or that homeowner that received an outrageous water bill because a pipe had been cracked during the construction process and was leaking. What a waste of time, resources and money.

Homeowners are always adding and removing landscaping from their properties. Each time you do this you must access your sprinkler system to determine if you are prepared to provide adequate coverage for the new landscaping. In most cases you may need to raise mist heads to cover the higher shrubs you installed. You may need to add or relocate rotor heads so that new landscape island you installed isn’t over or under watered. In any case, it’s always better to call Las Vegas Irrigation Repair FIRST. Making the changes to the irrigation system up front will ensure you are providing the adequate amount of water to your new plant additions and changes, it’s a step to protect your new investment.

Las Vegas Irrigation Repair not only provides irrigation and sprinkler system installation, renovation, service and repair, we are also a full landscaping firm. If you are ready to install new landscaping let us access your property and your irrigation system in one visit.

Irrigation System Renovation

Irrigation Service And Repair

Las Vegas Irrigation Repair will send a professional Irrigator to your commercial or residential site for an initial consultation that will outline the basic requirements and review important factors needed to provide a professional irrigation system. A good sprinkler system installer will never begin a project without a well planned sprinkler layout.

The design of your system is important not only for proper coverage but also for water conservation purposes. You will want to have the right combination and placement of rotor heads and spray heads to ensure proper coverage for the lawn and landscaping. Correct placement of these elements will help you to NOT water the structure of your house, your neighbors yard or your street. Imagine that – designing an irrigation system that watered exactly what it was supposed to water? That’s value and that is what Las Vegas Irrigation Repair specializes in.

Irrigation System Design

We service all types of sprinkler systems regardless if we installed them or not. We have one of the largest volumes of repeat service customers in the area. We have customers that have had us service and maintain their irrigation systems for upward of 30 years.

Our service technicians are knowledgeable and proficient in all aspects of the repair and service of your irrigation system including but not limited to the sprinkler heads, timers, valve boxes, pressure tanks, pipe repair, rain sensors and renovation.

We know that in the last decade there have been some less than integral sprinkler system installations in the Las Vesgas area. We will advise you of the right repair based on the current condition your system is in.

Our owners have 20 years of combined experience in the installation and repair of irrigation system just between the two of them. This doesn’t even include the decades of experience our other service technicians add to our business.

When you need your sprinkler serviced we urge you to trust us with your business.

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