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‚ÄčLas vegas irrigation repair co. 

Las Vegas Irrigation Repair Co. is a full service irrigation repair company located in Las Vegas, Nevada ready to handle all your outdoor watering irrigation needs. We service all of Las Vegas from Henderson to North Las Vegas. We can diagnose and repair any irrigation system, also design and install a new water efficient, reliable irrigation system constructed of high quality components to save you water and money.

Irrigation systems are essential for the health of landscape plants in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada. When properly installed and programmed, an irrigation system keeps your lawn, trees, shrubs and succulents healthy throughout the whole year. Your irrigation system should be designed, installed and programmed to provide the correct amount of water, where it's needed the most. Leaks, broken, missing sprinkler heads, clogged drip emitters, faulty programming can result in wasted water, plant disease and waste of money on repairs.

Do you have an existing drip irrigation system or sprinkler system that is wasting water?

Not sure why your water bill is expensive?

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